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St. George's Bay

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A Bay In The Heart Of Malta's Nightlife

The sandy beach at St George's Bay is one of the most attractive on the island. It is located in the heart of Paceville, a well-known entertainment destination, which is the preferred location for both tourists and students to take a dip in our clean Maltese waters

At the bottom of the page you will find a number of 360-degree photos. You can shift through each photo by selecting one of the thumbnails at the bottom of the 360-degree photo.

Photos are credited to the 'Malta - Through the Ages Group', 'Maltese Old Photos' and 'Nostalgia Malta'.


St. George's Bay Circa 1905

A view of St. George's Bay more than a hundred years ago which is completely unrecognisable through the development of recent years.


St. George's Bay 1920's

The Art Nouveau Villa Rosa at the top of the hill was built in the 1920's by architect Andrea Vassallo.


St. Julian's 1930's

The street leading down to St. George's bay is the area where Baystreet is located.


Barracks 1930's

The British services barracks and the roads leading to St. Julian's bay.


Pembroke British Barracks 1930's

An aerial view of the British services barracks.


St. George's Bay 1950's

People swimming and having a great time at St. George's bay.

Multiple 360-degree photo of St. George's Bay as it is seen today.

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